Subsidies are incentives which play an important role in economic development of developing countries like ours. Subsidies bring out desired changes by effecting optimal allocation of resources, stabilizing the price of essential goods & services, overcoming inflation and increasing cost, redistributing income in favour of poor people thus achieving the twin objective of growth & equity of nation.

We help our clients in availing various Government Grants & Subsidies such as:

Subsidy Provided by Gujarat Government

  •  Capital Investment Linked Subsidy
  •  Capital Enhancement Assistance
  •  Technology Up-gradation & Acquisition Subsidy
  •  Other Subsidies

Subsidy Provided by Central Government

  • Sudsidy Consultant
  •  Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLSS)
  •  Technology Up-gradation Scheme
  •  Other Incentives provided by central government

Piyush J Shah provide the subsidy loan for business consultant to all type of industries to connect to which is available under the schemes given by the government. They provide subsidy loan advisory to people who are handling the mega projects. Subsidy loan which is highly useful for the industrial sector where various scheme that provided by financial subsidy to eligible enterprises. Each production subsidy encourage on suppliers to increase the output of a particular cost or loss. As subsidy loan firms, Company gives the idea of production subsidy, consumer subsidy, export subsidy etc and many more.

Subsidy loan advisory is operating in very complex environment today. To process this existing infrastructure and highest efficient and control operating cost is also less. Piyush J Shah consultant is helping to manage these strength and effective manner of all process management by using the latest technology and process the best business process and practices. Piyush J Shah which subsidy loan firm services to the manufacture it is not necessary about the manufacture but also subsidy services to the industry, Govt authorities, foreign investors etc.

The Piyush J Shah help the student education subsidy where he gives the idea of the subsidy loan what are the interest is there it means the right path will be give to the clients.

Piyush J Shah & Co have helped individuals and organizations under the Gujarat Government Subsidy Scheme 2017 as. We provide help into layman language about Government Subsidies for Agriculture in Ahmedabad and also guide to professionals and organizations about Machinery Subsidy Application, Capital Subsidy Scheme, Subsidy for Food Processing Industry in whole Gujarat.