Accounting/Book Keeping

  •  Corporate Due Diligence
  •  Formation & Registration of Company
  •  E- Filing of Documents with MCA.
  •  Compliance under Companies Act, 2013
  •  Getting the Company name changed.
  •  Formation of Section 25 Company (Non profit making organization)
  •  Getting Charge Registered
  •  Liaison with Registrar of Companies & Regional Directors
  •  Getting Director Identification Number (DIN)
  •  Maintenance of statutory records prescribed under Companies Act, 2013

Quick accounting offers a vast variety of services each made to fit the unique needs of our clients. Piyush J Shah quick accounting sure to take care of the clients what they deserve it. There is various type of quick book accounting services they are

  •  Monthly reporting
  •  Personal income tax returns
  •  Financial statements

As we see Piyush J Shah quick book accounting consultant which keep the software of bookkeeping and services providing a wide range of capabilities. This software which is easy and time saving facilities. Quickbook accounting in which much more to running the company than many people understand also to keep all the records of that. While taking care of your business financial record book keeping become easily means there are many out of date poorly prepared records with hider the actual growth of the business.

Piyush J Shah quickbook accounting consultant that serve to solve problem by offering the high quality services to busy business owner. The Piyush J Shah success that building trust with clients and provide all services in very cost effective manners.

There are various accounting services packages that includes

  • Book keeping services
  • Compilation services
  •  Management reporting
  • Record construction
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Piyush J Shah is highly focused personal and professional services around the clients